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African Stories Come Alive

Codex Knights is an open-world adventure game designed to combine the wonder of reading with the immersion of video games. As Jiara Maverick, explore multiple living, breathing, story worlds based on African stories written by young African writers (and one or two classics thrown into the mix). 

The game is being developed for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC.


  • Explore South African Colony 1-5 on Planet 564 (known by its inhabitants as Senopia).
  • Each story world is a living, breathing world with lots to explore and discover.
  • Investigate mysteries and complete quests to bring order to each story world in the Codex Realm.
  • Defeat the glitches in the Codex Realm to protect the citizens of the colony. Each glitch will require you to answer a question about the book in order to fix it. If you get it right, you will be rewarded. If not, the glitch will become unstable and will start to attack.
  • Play through levels in the Codex Realm that are a mix of handcrafted and procedurally generated.
  • Collect items and resources to craft useful items in the Codex Realm (Coming soon).
  • Collect special items that will give you deeper insight into each story (Coming soon).
  • Each action in the game will be recorded and can be read as a story in the codex. Solve the mysteries in your own way. (Future Feature)
  • Save your game across multiple platforms. Play on your PC/Mac at home and then continue from where you left off on your phone on your daily commute. (Future Feature)
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