We are Mattador Starfish, making the world a better place, one video game at a time.

We are a group of people from different backgrounds and fields of expertise who have come together to make a difference in the world. Our aim is to harness the positive power of video games and interactive media. We strive to use these to form good habits and behaviours, help overcome daily struggles and even as a means to collaboratively solve world problems.

Yes, these are lofty, pie in the sky kind of goals. It almost sounds too good to be true right? We don’t approach this task lightly and we also know we can’t do this alone. Crazy goals like this only work with community input, collaboration with our fans and users and trial and error. We’re still in the very early phase of this journey, but a first step is a step none the less… 

What We Do

We make things. What things you ask?

We are working on a mobile game, but we have plans for VR, mobile apps and crazy interactive experiments. The primary requirement for what we build is that it should have a positive impact or effect on the player/user. It must have a greater purpose than just being “fun”, “interesting” or “good”.

There’s a lot we want to build, but for now, we’re focusing on our first game, being built to ignite a passion for story telling, reading and discovery.

Codex Knights?

  • The Xbox Kinect has some interesting applications and has some "good" games but instead of it just being fun to use, what about Kinect games being used as a way to exercise or help patients to build up muscle strength after an accident or illness?
  • What about a mobile game that's fun to play but also helps you to manage chronic pain or depression?
  • What about a game where you're encouraged to be kind and compassionate towards people, especially people that you wouldn't normally interact with?

Our Games